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NCache for Azure: Scalability done right in Microsoft Azure

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Alachisoft has released 'NCache for Azure', an edition of NCache focused on Microsoft Azure. NCache brings its proven industry leading scalability and distributed caching technology to Microsoft Azure. With NCache for Azure, applications can achieve extreme scalability in Microsoft Azure by removing bottlenecks related to data storage. NCache for Azure can be deployed on dedicated VMs as part of your Azure service either inside your Virtual Network or on a different Virtual Network even across regions. NCache for Azure provides ASP.NET Session State, ASP.NET View State, ASP.NET Output Cache, multi-site ASP.NET Session store, and more. A trial version of NCache for Azure is available for download on the Alachisoft website or in the form of a NuGet Package.

Sharing ASP.NET Session State Across Multiple Azure Regions

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Many high traffic ASP.NET applications in Microsoft Azure are deployed over multiple Microsoft Azure regions in order to handle geographically separated traffic. Therefore, traffic of one geographical region might be redirected to another region. This can result in the loss of session data. This can result in the problem of session data loss.

Read the blog about sharing ASP.NET Session State across multiple regions.

Microsoft Azure Cache vs NCache for Azure: Detailed Comparison

NCache for Azure Product Comparisons

Microsoft Azure Cache is a distributed cache provided by Microsoft. Read a feature by feature comparison of Microsoft Azure Cache with NCache for Azure. This document is intended to help you quickly see how the two products fare against each other and help you make a more objective decision according to your requirements.

Keeping Web Roles and Cache Servers on Same Virtual Network

NCache Tips

Keeping the cache server role and web role on the same virtual network is important and is the recommended approach for NCache for Azure. Read a tip about deploying web roles and cache servers on the same virtual network in Microsoft Azure.

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