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NCache for Java Released!

November 2010

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NCache for Java Released - Download Now!

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We are excited to announce the release of NCache for Java as a separate product. In addition to .NET, this emphasizes our commitment to Java. And, it will allow us to fully grow NCache in each technology camp. Both .NET and Java based products have an almost identical Enterprise Edition feature set.

NCache for Java supports both Windows and Unix platforms for your app servers (NCache clients) whereas the cache server runs on Windows.

NCache for Java provides a 100% native Java client that uses the same socket-based protocol to talk to the cache server as the .NET client and therefore has the same performance.

To learn more about NCache for Java , click here.

TechEd Europe 2010 (Berlin Nov 8-12) a Huge Success

Tech-Ed Europe 2010

TechEd has historically proven to be a major success for us, resulting in more recognition for our products. And, this year was no exception.

In June, we exhibited at TechEd 2010 North America in New Orleans. And, last week, we exhibited at TechEd 2010 Europe in Berlin, Germany.

Alachisoft showcased both of its products NCache and StorageEdge (formerly known as "NCachePoint") at the show. Both the products were received with a lot of excitement by the customers.

NCache and StorageEdge Blogs Started

Alachisoft Product Blogs

Alachisoft has started two Blogs on its website, namely NCache Blog and StorageEdge Blog. Here are some fresh blog posts you might want to read:

Click here to read NCache Blog

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