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NCache makes CampMinder fault tolerant!

January 2013

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NCache makes CampMinder fault tolerant!

CampMinder One of the primary challenges CampMinder faced was maintaining cached data in a synchronized state with their database across multiple servers. Initially, the solution was an in-house cache management system, which was adequate, but didn't address fault tolerance.

Click here to find out what their problems were and how NCache was their best choice, for both short and long terms.

How to Configure .NET 4.0 Cache to use a Distributed Cache?

Download Now .NET 4.0 default Cache implementation is a stand-alone in-process cache. And, if your .NET application runs on a multi-server environment, then you cannot use this because you need a distributed cache that can synchronize the cache across multiple servers.

Click here to find out how NCache is configuring .NET 4.0 in a Distributed Cache?

How to Use Custom Dependency in Distributed Cache?

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Cache Dependency feature allows you to expire cached items and keeps your data always fresh and correct. However, if cache is dependent on data in data sources other than database, these items will not get expired.

Here is a step-wise guide to use NCache for Custom Dependency in a Distributed Cache without implementing it in a separate program.

How to Configure and Use Eviction in NCache?

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Worried about your newer information not being cached?

Here is a 3-step GUI method to relieve your stress.

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