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Entity Framework POCO Lazy Loading

February 2014

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News: Alachisoft at YouTube

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Alachisoft updated its channel on most popular media sharing platform, YouTube. Through this channel we hope to communicate and provide with latest information about latest trends in distributed caching and information about our products including NCache and JvCache. Please visit and subscribe to Alachisoft Channel at YouTube at the following link in order to get the latest information. Happy YouTubing!

Article: Using Entity Framework Plain Old CLR Objects (POCO) Lazy Loading with Distributed Cache

NCache Articles

If you are using Entity Framework with Plain Old CLR Objects (POCO) along with its lazy loading capability, Entity Framework dynamically generates proxy objects that contain the code for doing lazy loading. And, these dynamic object definitions only exist within the application process and therefore cannot be serialized for an out-of-process distributed cache. Read an article about Entity Framework POCO lazy loading with distributed cache in detail.

Tip: How to Enable NCache Encryption Feature

NCache Tips

In client-server environment data communication is the backbone of application. This increases threat to data security over communication channel. NCache provides a feature of encrypting data transfer and storage in cache cluster in order to eliminate the possible data manipulation. Read more about how to enable NCache Encryption feature to increase data security.

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