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Migration from AppFabric Made Easy!

May 2015

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NCache: Your #1 Choice for AppFabric Migration

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Microsoft has announced the end of support for AppFabric on April 2nd 2016. We think NCache is your first choice for migration from AppFabric. Read the following article to learn why NCache is Your #1 Choice for AppFabric Migration.

NCache Wrapper for AppFabric

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For easy migration use the AppFabric Wrapper for NCache that allows you to keep your existing application code and migrate to NCache without any code changes (except changing namespaces). Try out the free AppFabric Wrapper for NCache here.

AppFabric Migration Guide

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Use the AppFabric Migration Guide to aid in your migration to NCache. It includes configuration and API differences and code comparisons. Use this handy tool as a quick coding reference - AppFabric Migration Guide.

Product Comparison: AppFabric versus NCache

NCache Articles

AppFabric is Microsoft's discontinued in-memory distributed cache for .NET applications. The multiple topologies of NCache allow you to scale out at runtime in the cloud or on premises. See how the advanced features of NCache compare to AppFabric - AppFabric vs. NCache.

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