Case Study: DOB Systems uses NCache for Consistency and Reliability

Customers use the MIDAS BI web portal as part of their day-to-day operations. With over 87,000 user transactions per month, significant application downtime is not something that these customers can afford. The reliability and robustness of NCache’s in-memory caching solution has become a vital component in providing a well-performing and consistent user experience to meet end user demands, according to Dees.

Kevin Dees, IT Team Lead at DOB Systems says, “Prior to implementing NCache, we were maintaining approximately 95% uptime on a weekly basis. At the time, if one of our web servers went down, it could have resulted in a 10 to 15-minute outage for our customers, in addition to data loss. The intelligent replication of NCache’s cache cluster allows session and application data to be seamlessly retrieved, with virtually no impact to the end user. This has allowed us to increase our uptime to 99.9% and that translates to an overall customer satisfaction increase for us”.

Today, DOB Systems’ customers demand an application that is reliable and responsive. NCache has immediately brought improved reliability and performance to the MIDAS BI web portal. As a result, DOB Systems is able to spend less time triaging application issues and spending more time creating new features that allow our product to standout in the marketplace.

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