com.alachisoft.jvcache.event Defines all the event handlers and classes responsible for any notification regestered in JvCache
com.alachisoft.jvcache.runtime Defines classes that are used during runtime operations in JvCache
com.alachisoft.jvcache.runtime.cacheloader Defines classes that are responsible for CacheLoader features in JvCache
com.alachisoft.jvcache.runtime.caching Defines classes that are responsible for caching features in JvCache
com.alachisoft.jvcache.runtime.datasourceprovider Defines classes that are responsible for readthru/writethru features in JvCache
com.alachisoft.jvcache.runtime.dependencies Defines classes that are responsible for cache dependency features in JvCache
com.alachisoft.jvcache.runtime.exceptions Defines user exception classes in JvCache
com.alachisoft.jvcache.runtime.util Defines utility classes in JvCache.
com.alachisoft.jvcache.web.caching Defines classes for caching frequently used data in a cluster This includes the Cache class, a dictionary that allows you to store arbitrary data objects, such as hash tables and data sets. Defines classes for caching management, to start and stop cache Defines classes to specify security credentials.