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Archiver keeps the copy of all BLOBs that are either in SharePoint content database or Externalizer to its storage device as a backup. The archived documents are not directly accessible to the  SharePoint users. For that reason StorageEdge introduces the Archives Explorer Tool which allows users to access the archived documents. Archives Explorer Tool facilitates the users with the Download and Restore options. Download button is used to download any of the archived document from archiver profile to the local machine. Restore option is used to restore the deleted file back to the SharePoint library.
To run the StorageEdge Archives Explorer tool, follow these steps:
  • Open the Archives Explorer Tool from Start -> All Programs -> StorageEdge -> Admin Tools -> Archives Explorer Tool.
  • When the tool opens, you can select Archiver profile using the "Select Profile" button located at top right corner of the page.
  • The following dialog box will be displayed having all Archiver Profiles in a SharePoint.
  • Select the archiver profile name from the list, Click Ok button.
  • It will display all the archived documents contained in the selected profile.
  • User can download the documents on a local disk using "Download" button.
  • Restore button can reload the file to the SharePoint library if it is deleted from SharePoint.
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