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Externalizer Profiles

Once you are done with the Storage Pool configuration, you can then configure Externalizer Profile for offloading existing BLOB contents from SharePoint content database to external storage. Here Externalizer uses EBS/RBS providers to externalize the BLOBs from SharePoint database to external storage. User can add multi tiers in Externalizer Profile to store BLOBs. Each tier must have a Storage pool associated with it which further contains at least one Storage Device.
On Externalizer Profiles page, all your configured storage profiles will appear. From this page you can also create new profiles for externalizer, edit the existing profiles, remove the already created profiles and also view the stats of a profile.
In this Section
Explains how to create an Externalizer Profile.  
Explains how to add a Storage Tier in a profile.
Explains how to create a new storage pool and add storage devices.
Explains how to move all BLOBs from Externalizer Profile to the SharePoint content database.
Explains how to view the stats of a profile.
Describes how to edit a Externalizer Profile settings once it has been added.
Explains how to remove Externalizer Profile when it is no longer needed. 
Explains how to convert EBS profile to RBS profile without copying BLOBs.  
Describes how to force remove a Externalizer Profile when it can not be removed with normal method.
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