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Force removing a Storage Profile

When an attempt to remove a Externalizer Storage Profile is made, a Timer Job automatically run in background and move the BLOBs to the SharePoint database. During the move process, a "pending remove" message is displayed. However, in a situation when the Timer job fails to move the BLOBs, you see "Remove failed" message. In this case you have following two options to remove the Storage Profile:
  • Click on the Storage Profile (on the Central Administration/Application Management/Storage Optimization/Externalizer Profiles page) and select Force Remove.
This will remove the Storage Profile without moving its content to the SharePoint database. Note that this will cause the loss of the Storage Profile content and part or whole of it may become inaccessible.
  • Edit the Storage Profile (Click on the Storage Profile and select Edit from the contextual menu) and reschedule the Timer job for reverting the Storage Profile to the SharePoint database at a later time. After the job has been run, remove the Storage Profile again but if it still fails, you can then force remove it with the above method.
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