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Monitor Jobs

This feature provides you the facility to monitor SharePoint Timer Jobs specific to StorageEdge. All the scheduled and running jobs can be monitored here.
You can pause, resume and even delete a Running Job. Currently Running jobs are listed under the "Running Job" with the information as: Job Title , Server name on which the job is running, Progress/Status of a job and the Start Time of a job.
Scheduled jobs can be rescheduled, deleted or executed immediately through "Run Now" option. Scheduled Jobs are listed under the "Scheduled Jobs" with the information as: Job Title , Server name on which the job will run, Web Application for which this job is configured and the Next Start Time.
  • Go to the Central Administration page of SharePoint and click on the Application Management tab.
  • Click on Storage Optimization under StorageEdge Management.
  • Click on Monitor Jobs under Storage Optimization.
  • The new page will show you the list of Running Jobs and Scheduled Jobs as shown below.
  • Now you can execute any scheduled job immediately simply by clicking on a scheduled job and then selecting "Run Now" option.
  • Click "run now" to run a job immediately or you can delete a job at this point.
  • If you click "Run Now" then running job progress can be seen on Job Monitoring page, as shown below.
  • After running a job you can pause and then resume it by clicking on running job title and selecting "Pause" or "Resume" accordingly.

  • A Job can be deleted from this point.
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