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Job Throttling

Job Throttling is the process of regulating the data transfer rate in any system. It can be used in a situation where it is required to limit the amount of data that can be transfer per unit time. Long running jobs like Offload/Revert/Garbage Clean/BLOB Transfer/EBS to RBS Convert, should run in time slots to make sure that website is not under continuous job processing load.
StorageEdge provides you the facility to configure these jobs to be run at different speeds during different timings. To configure throttling for a job (Offload/Revert/Garbage Clean/BLOB Transfer/EBS to RBS Convert), follow the steps given below:
  • Go to the Central Administration page of SharePoint and click on the Application Management tab.
  • Click on Storage Optimization under StorageEdge Management.
  • Click on Job Throttling under Storage Optimization.
  • Job Throttling page will show you the list of jobs that can be throttle with their Title, Type and Description.
  • Click on the job you want to configure.
  • The next page that opens contain the Job Title, Job Description and the Time Slots information. Specify the "Start time" and "End time" for a job.
  • User can either pause the job for the specified period of time or mention the speed for BLOB transfer.
  • Set the "Speed" of the job by entering number of BLOBs and the number of Seconds to run the job.
  • User can also extend the span of a job speed over a week days by selecting the days.
  • Click "Add Slot" button to add the time slot.
  • User can see the list of time slots added for the job in Time Slots section, here user can also remove any of the time slot using Remove option from the drop down list.
Note: Job Throttling for a specific time can be delayed up to 5 minutes.
All StorageEdge Jobs on startup checks the 'Time Slices' for a given job after every 5 minutes. For example if a throttling time slice is '5:00 am' and a job starts at '4:59 am', in this case throttling can be delayed for few minutes. So instead of '5:00 am', throttling will start at '5:04 am' or at '5:05 am'.
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