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Linker Profiles

File Share Linker provides the facility of linking the legacy files to the SharePoint document libraries without uploading the files to the database. Here at least one storage device must be associated with each Linker Profile. User can link files from a single or multiple storage devices to a specific SharePoint document library by running Linker Content Synchronization job. Linker keeps the SharePoint document libraries and the storage devices synchronized. Files from the storage devices are linked by running a Linker Content Synchronization job which is a recurring job. Every time this job runs, it links new files added to the file share to SharePoint document libraries. If a storage device is removed then all it's linked documents from SharePoint library will also be removed. A linker profile will be configured with RBS, it will consider EBS only if RBS is not installed on selected web application's content db.
In this Section
Explains how to add a Linker storage profile. 
Explains how to see the stats of a profile.
Explains how to remove Linker Profile when it is no longer needed.
Describes how to edit a Linker Profile settings once it has been added.
Describes how to force remove a Linker Profile when it can not be removed with normal method.
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