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StorageEdge Monitor Options

StorageEdge Monitor provides you the facility to set the properties for different views. 'Options' menu provide various preferences to customize StorageEdge Monitor graphs. You can access the option dialog from Tools --> Options.
Step 1
  • Tools --> Options --> General.
  • Using Options --> General screen you can set the Sampling Rate value for a graph. Sampling rate is the time after which the data will be collected from all the WFE servers of a SharePoint farm for monitoring the performance.
  • Enter the Sample Rate value and press OK button to apply the changes.
Step 2
  • Tools --> Options --> Graph.
  • You can also set the Time Interval (x-axis value) for a graph to be displayed using the following screen. For example if u specify the time interval of 3 min's then the dashboard shows the 3 min's performance graph at one time.
  • Enter the Time Interval value and press OK button to apply the changes.
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