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Dashboard Views

Dashboard provides different types of views for monitoring various counters. Views are specific to the counters. Two types of monitoring views can be displayed in a dashboard, that are:
  • Graphs
  • List
StorageEdge Monitor gives you the graphical representations of a performance of all pre-define counters. Here Y-axis corresponds to the counter value and X-axis corresponds to the time interval (minute) for which the graph should be displayed. Graphs are read only; you can only monitor the performance of a selected counter here. StorageEdge Monitor facilitates you to change the scale of a graph by changing sample value and the time interval for the graph from Options menu; but these changes will be applied to all graphs in a dashboard.
  • You can highlight the graph line for clear visibility using the icon shown in the figure below.
  • Select the Highlight icon from the tool bar.
  • Select the line you want to highlight in a graph.
  • The highlighted graph is shown in the figure below.
SharePoint Logs
SharePoint Log list provides an easy and structured way to view log entries generated on different WFE servers in a SharePoint farm. This system provides live monitoring of logs and is used for reporting errors and exception occurred on WFE servers. In case of errors or unexpected behavior, log list can often help in finding the source of the problem.
SharePoint Log list gives you the facility of grouping the statistical data on the basis of any parameter shown in the figure. For grouping we need to drag the parameter to the Drag space. You can also undo the grouping by dragging the parameter back from a drag bar to the list.
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