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What's new in StorageEdge 3.4 SP1?

This page gives you a quick overview of new features offered by StorageEdge 3.4 SP1. Click the title of a specific feature to know more about it.
Now in StorageEdge 3.4 SP1 you can link all newly uploaded BLOBs with linker profile using dual mode linker. Dual mode linker links all the lately uploaded BLObs with the configured linker profile.
Now in StorageEdge 3.4 SP1 you can keep older versions of the linked documents on a linker device. Moreover, sub folders can also be created for versions of each files.
Now in StorageEdge 3.4 SP1 you can revert content on the basis of some filters. While scheduling a Revert Job you can also add any filtering policy and if any filtering policy is defined then BLOBs will be reverted on the basis of specified filtering policy.
This feature provides you the option to monitor SharePoint Timer Jobs specific to StorageEdge. Now you can pause, resume or delete a job from this page. Furthermore, you can run a scheduled job at any time using "Run Now" option.
Now you can see all the executed jobs and their details through job history. All jobs either successful or failed are listed on this page.
Revert Tool: (will be Provided on demand)
Its a GUI tool used to revert content from externalizer to database. It is helpful in a situation where revert job fails to run from externalizer profile.
StorageEdge provides you the following filters for BLOBS:
  • File Size filter
  • File Name or Extension filter
  • File Author filter
  • Creation Date filters
  • Modification Date filters
  • List Based filters
  • Last Modification Date Filter
If this setting is enabled on a storage device, the BLOBs will be written to the staging area and the control will be returned to the end user. BLOBs will be moved to the target device asynchronously. This is useful for cloud providers as it eliminates the latency that end users experience while writing BLOBs to cloud servers over the internet.
StorageEdge gives you the facility to configure different storage providers for BLOB storage, we support following storage providers:
  • File System, SAN, NAS provider (default provider)
  • Amazon S3 (will be provided on demand)
  • Windows Azure (will be provided on demand)
  • EMC Centera (will be provided on demand)
  • FTP Storage provider (will be provided on demand)
Now with this feature, working on a provider model you can write your own storage providers where documents can be stored. All you have to do is inherit a class StorageProvider of assembly Alachisoft.StorageEdge.ObjectModel.dll.
StorageEdge provides the following types of structures for saving BLOBs:
  • Flat Hierarchy (default)
  • Auto Create Folders with formats (YYYY), (YYYY-MM), (YYYY-MM-DD), (YYYY-MM-DD-HH)
  • Use SharePoint Folder Names
  • Use SharePoint File Names (append the actual file name with its GUID)
Using StorageEdge you can externalize BLOBs in multiple tiers
This is new feature of 3.4 which stores copies of BLOBs and their metadata for compliance purposes. Users can stipulate retention policies for specifying how long to keep the archived BLOBs and when to delete. This is a UI tool for browsing, restoring or downloading the archived files.
A storage pool can contain one or more storage devices. Devices can be added to storage pool(s) at any time. Each storage device in a pool has its priority and the data is stored on device with same priority in a round robin way. Data will be stored on low priority device when either high priority device is read-only or full.
Along with “Aging based” retention policy, there is a new policy introduced in 3.4 that is “usage Based” retention policy. This can be used to move document(s) on any other tier if the number of the accessed document(s), between two consecutive BLOB transfer jobs is greater or lesser than defined number. This could be very useful in a situation where document(s) on a cheaper storage is accessed more frequently then this will be moved to an expensive or high performance storage tier.
This feature enables the user to specify which versions of the documents should be kept on which tier. Following options are given.
                -     Keep the current version only.
            -     Keep the current major and minor version only.
            -     Keep current major and all its minor versions.
            -     Keep last n number of major and its all minor versions.
Externalized BLOBs can be configured to stay on external store at least for n number of days after the corresponding documents are deleted from SharePoint. However, it is not ensured that BLOBs will be deleted right after n number of days.
Now you can manage legacy file share through SharePoint document libraries. Linker links all the documents in file share with SharePoint in such a way that documents remain on file system and just their references are added to SharePoint content database. This feature enables you to virtually upload Terabytes of data on SharePoint in minutes.
Scope filters allows user to filter the web application scope to a library, a site collection or multiple libraries/site collections.
Throttling has been enhanced to add different throttling slots for different days of the weeks.
            You can configure Job Throttling for the following features:
  • Revert Content Job
  • Garbage Clean Job (For EBS and RBS)
  • Re-Evaluation Job
  • Sync Content Job
  • Archive Content Job
  • Consistency check Job
  • BLOB Transfer job
  • EBS to RBS conversion Job
  • Delete Expired Content Job
  • Remove Archived Content Job
  • De-Link Content Job
  • Offload Content Job
  • Remove Storage Tier Job
With this feature you can receive notifications for low disk otherwise BLOBs will not be externalized once defined quota is fulfilled.
                Re-evaluate Filters Job:
When BLOBs are already externalized to storage tiers and a filtering policy for a tier is updated, user is asked whether he wants to run this job to re-evaluate the filters for already offloaded BLOBs or not.
StorageEdge provides you the facility to convert External BLOB Storage to Remote BLOB Storage without copying BLOBs.
StorageEdge 3.4 provides you the facility to upgrade Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, using various approaches.
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