Alachisoft StorageEdge - Online Documentation

Quick Start

This section gives you an overview of StorageEdge to familiarize you with the various features and helps to use them quickly and efficiently.
In This Section
Explains how to Plug EBS in SharePoint and the installation of RBS for content database. 
Explains how to create Storage Pools and add Storage Devices in it.
Explains steps to create the Externalizer profile and the process to Offload BLOBs from SharePoint to external storage.
Explains how to create the Archiver Profile and archive BLOBs from SharePoint database and Externalizer Profile.
Explains how to create the Linker profile and configure the synchronization job.
Explains how to configure job throttling to limit the speed of a job. 
Describes how to set the cache for BLOB caching.
Explains how to enable Content Optimization on Web Applications.
Describes how to select SharePoint Lists for caching of their output.
Explains how to enable caching on Sessions.
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