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Install RBS

To install RBS for content database, you need to follow the steps given below:
  1. RBS must be installed on all Web Front End (WFE) servers in a SharePoint Server Farm.
  2. To download RBS_X64.msi file go to
  3. Run "RBS_X64.msi" setup, you will see a Welcome screen. Click on the Next button to proceed.
  4. On the next screen, you must read and agree to the "Software License Agreement" in order to proceed with the installation. Select the option shown to accept the agreement if you wish to proceed then click Next.
  5. Enter your Name and the Company name then click Next .
  6. Below, you see all the components that are being installed automatically with RBS. You are supposed to unselect FILESTREAM Provider because StorageEdge is providing its own file stream provider. 
    Note: StorageEdge is also providing a Garbage Collection tool instead of RBS Maintainer. To use Garbage Collection tool users are requested to unselect the Maintainer from the above screen.
  7. Change the Database Connection values on Install SQL Remote Blob Storage dialog box. Enter Server name and Database name. For example "* /SharePoint" and "wss_content_80".
  8. User can also provide SQL Server Authentication credentials on the same screen. Click on the Test Connection button to ensure that connection with the database is possible.
  9. If the connection with a database is successfully established, the following screen will be shown. Click OK.
  10. Leave the screen as it is and click Next button.
  11. Check the 'Remote BLOB Storage Maintenance' option on Maintainer Task dialog box. Click Next button.
    Note: User can also use StorageEdge Garbage Collection tool instead of RBS Maintainer.
  12. Leave the screen as it is and click Next button.
  13. Click Install button to proceed the installation.
  14. Leave the screen as it is and click Next button.
  15. A window appears confirming the completion of RBS installation. Click on Finish button to complete and exit the setup.
* RBS must be configured separately for each associated content database.
* After installing RBS on content database you need to reset IIS manually on each server of the farm.
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