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Welcome to the StorageEdge, a solution for Optimize Storage and better Performance. As we all know SharePoint Server is a tremendous product of Microsoft which not only improves the content management but also provides the better information sharing across the organization. With StorageEdge you can enhance the SharePoint performance even with the huge data and increased number of users or WFE servers.
StorageEdge provides an optimized solution for SharePoint in terms of Storage and Performance. It provides a better storage by externalizing BLOBs which dramatically reduces database size and the transaction load that eventually boosts up the performance. StorageEdge also provides the facility of caching BLOBs, lists, ASP.NET session state, and ViewState.
In This Documentation
Introduces StorageEdge, its features and provides basic information about the product.
It describes the comprehensive information about installation, prerequisites and system configuration.
Provides quick start guide to using StorageEdge.
Provides detailed information on how to configure and work with StorageEdge.
Provides detailed information about a diagnostic tool to analyze the performance of StorageEdge.
Provides detailed information about the configuration files.
This section explains various utilities provided by StorageEdge.
Answer the most commonly asked question.
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