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StorageEdge comes with a number of tools for configuring BLOB Store database, configuring Control Adapter (required for List caching and Content Optimization), evaluating and monitoring SharePoint performance and viewing the BLOBs information. Following are the tools provided by StorageEdge:
In This Section
Lets you configure the Control Adapter needed for setting up List caching and Content Optimization.
The RegComponents.exe tool allows you to register or unregister StorageEdge performance counters and the EBS component.
Lets you configure BLOB Store database. You can also use this tool to migrate the EBS/RBS database to a different Server.
This tool helps to evaluate and monitor SharePoint over-all performance under high transactional environment.
This tool facilitates you to view the BLOB Name, Size, Location and List URL (from which it belongs) details.
This tool facilitates you to view, access and download archived documents from archiver profiles.

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