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Viewing Linker Profile Stats

Once you have added a Linker Profile and also configured the Content Synchronization job to link files from a file share system to SharePoint document library, you can see the stats of Content Synchronization job on the Stats window. To view all the stats, follow these steps:
  • Click on the Application Management tab on Central Administration page.
  • Click on Storage Optimization under StorageEdge Management.
  • Click on Linker Profiles under Storage Optimization.
  • Click on the View Stats link at far right of the Storage Profile, to open the stats page.
    The Profile Stats window shows the stats of size and number of BLOBs that are in the database and linker. It also shows the number of Storage Devices connected to the profile, the scope of the profile and the URL of the SharePoint document library. If a timer job is running, you will see the current running status on the screen. On successful completion of a job, Job status and last run time of the job will be updated. If a job is not executed yet then N/A will be shown in status and last run time of that job.
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