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What is EBS ?

SharePoint uses SQL Server for storing BLOBs but the database is not optimized for handling BLOB read requests efficiently and it can not query the BLOBs very well either. The operations to read or query data from SQL Server impair data streaming performance dramatically.
EBS on the other hand is better alternative for storing BLOBs. It lets you store and retrieve BLOBs with lesser cost as compared to database. EBS in SharePoint allows the file contents to be stored in an external file system (local server, NAS or Azure/Amazon storage) and file metadata in a content database. This is more efficient way for storing BLOBs and it also helps query the BLOBs faster.
StorageEdge gives you the implementation of EBS with SharePoint and provides caching solution for faster storage and retrieval of BLOBs. When you plug-in the EBS, it becomes the main data source for SharePoint. With EBS implementation, the BLOB content will be read from EBS and the file meta data will be read from content database. When a user requests a document from SharePoint, StorageEdge will first look for it in cache but if it is not found in there, it will find it in the EBS and place it in the cache for future references.
External BLOB Storage (EBS) Architecture
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In this Section
Explains how to configure BLOB Store database.
Explains how to enable RBS for a Content Database.
Explains how to add a Storage Tier.
Explains how to disable RBS for a Content Database.
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