DevWeek 2015

Scaling .NET Apps in Microsoft Azure

By Iqbal Khan
President & Technology Evangelist

Learn what are the scalability bottlenecks for your .NET apps in Microsoft Azure and how can you improve their scalability with distributed caching. This tech talk covers:

  • What is scalability?
  • How linear scalability differs from non-linear scalability
  • Which applications require scalability?
  • Quick overview of scalability bottlenecks in .NET applications
  • What is distributed caching and why is it the answer in Azure?
  • Where in your application can you use distributed caching?
  • What are some important features in a distributed cache?
  • Distributed cache architecture
  • Distributed Cache Options in Azure
    • Azure Redis Cache
    • Azure Cache Service
    • Azure In-Role Cache
    • Memcached Wrapper
    • NCache Open Source
    • NCache
    • Managed Memcached
  • Azure Deployment Strategies
  • Some hands on examples of using a distributed cache in Azure
  • 3 common distributed cache use cases
    • Application Data Caching
    • ASP.NET Specific Data Caching
    • Runtime Data Sharing thru Events

What to Do Next?

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