Webinar: Handling Multi-Datacenter Deployment of Distributed Cache

Presenters: Ron Hussain and Adam J. Keller

This webinar demonstrates all you need to know to use the NCache Bridge feature for WAN replication of the cache across datacenters.

Delivered by our Senior Solutions Architect and our Regional Director of Service Delivery, please join us to learn about:

  • The NCache Bridge feature for WAN replication: Why it is needed and common use cases
  • NCache Bridge topologies (Active-Active, Active-Passive) and no-code change deployments
  • Advanced Bridge features:
    • Bridge high availability and failover
    • Dynamic conflict resolver
    • Queue optimization
  • Multi-Site Sessions feature for WAN replication of ASP.NET Session data
  • Insights into Bridge performance/debugging monitoring options
  • Hands-on examples and demonstrations throughout