Webinar: Optimize ASP.NET Core Apps with Distributed Cache

Presenter: Ron Hussain and Nick Zulfiqar

ASP.NET is a very popular technology for developing web applications. And, now its latest version ASP.NET Core, is fast gaining popularity and many organizations are anxious to move their web apps to ASP.NET Core.

However, ASP.NET Core runs in performance issues when put under heavy user load. And, this happens because your data storage becomes a bottleneck. But, there is a way around this performance bottleneck.

Learn how to optimize ASP.NET Core performance and scalability. This Webinar covers:

  • Overview of ASP.NET Core performance bottlenecks
  • How distributed cache resolves these issues
  • App data caching thru ASP.NET Core IDistributedCache interface
  • ASP.NET Core session storage in distributed cache
  • Some important distributed cache features
  • Hands-on examples using Open Source NCache as the distributed cache

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