Webinar: Runtime Data Sharing through Distributed Cache

Presenter: Iqbal M. Khan

Many organizations develop a combination of .NET and Java web and SOA applications. And, many of these applications need to share data with one another at runtime. Often, they're all working on common business data that's stored in a database. Or, they might be dealing with continuous streams of data (for example, financial trading applications), and need to process it and share results with other applications, again all at runtime.

Learn how to do runtime data sharing across multiple .NET to .NET and Java applications with the help of a distributed cache. This webinar covers:

  • .NET to .NET and Java application data sharing techniques
  • How distributed cache event notifications are used
  • How does Continuous Query help
  • Read-through and Write-through handlers
  • Sharing data through database synchronization
  • High availability and scalability of distributed cache

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