Reduce Storage Cost with Multi-Tier Archiving

StorageEdge lets you archive documents to cheaper storage. By doing this, you can optimize your storage cost because you are able to keep the most recent documents in the most expensive storage while moving older documents to cheaper storage. Without archiving, you would be forced to keep all your documents in a very expensive storage which could be in terrabytes.

Why Archive to Multi-Tier Storage?

The bottom line is that one large storage for all data is going to be very expensive for you. Here are some reasons why you should archive your documents in SharePoint:

  • Keeping terabytes of BLOBs in most expensive storage is wrong
  • Older BLOBs usually don't get accessed very frequently
  • Archiving older BLOBs to cheaper storage reduces cost
  • Users still have access to all BLOBs from all tiers

How StorageEdge Archives BLOBs?

StorageEdge implements an intelligent archiving capability where you can specify which documents should be archived to which tiers based either on the age of the document or on its version. There is a background task that runs periodically and looks for all those documents that match the criteria for archiving. And, this archiving is from one tier to the next.

Multi-tiered Storage Figure-2

Figure 1: A Multi-tiered Hierarchical Storage System

Figure 1 above shows a Multi-tiered Hierarchical Storage System. This hierarchical structure is based on the cost vs. activeness of data principle. Naturally, more active the data, the more you are willing to spend on its storage and access performance. So, It has been structured in such a way that the most active BLOBs should reside at Tier-1 which is a high-end, faster-access storage which may be a File System or a SAN. Similarly, the aging data should be kept at Tier-2 which is typically a NAS based storage and the archived/seldom-accessed data at Tier-3 which can be a Cloud. So based on this strategy, you effectively push lesser active content to the cheaper tiers.

StorageEdge BLOB Archiving Features

Some of the important BLOB archiving features in StorageEdge are described below. For more details, please see Edition Comparison.

  • Specify multiple storage tiers: Create multiple storage tiers to be used in archiving
  • Version based archiving: Specify rules on versions for archiving
  • Age based archiving: Specify rules for age based archiving