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How to Use NCache Security Feature

Using Security with NCache:

NCache provides two levels of security; Admin and User Level. These are explained below:

Admin Level Security: On this level, you can control who can manage and configure NCache. User can give rights to other users/accounts who can make manage or make configuration changes on a cache acting as cache Admins. These changes include (create a cache, stop a cache, remove cache etc). Once you have enabled admin level security then only authorized users will be allowed to manage NCache clusters.

User Level Security: On this level the you can decide that who can connect to the cache on application level and do cache level operations using NCache API (cache.Add(), cache.Get() etc). After enabling user level security, all applications would need to provide security credentials when connecting to a cache.

Note: All cache Admins and Users are always authenticated based on LDAP Active Directory.

How to Configure Security on NCache:

Admin Level Security: Admin level or Node level security can be enabled only by the Administrator of the Node. Administrators can enable/disable node level security on remote machines as well and add/remove NCache managers for that node. Admin level security configurations will be saved in security.ncconf. Following are the steps need to be followed to configure node level security using Security Configuration Wizard.

Once security is enabled, only cache admin who is logged on to the cache server box would be able to manage cache and all un-authorized user would not be able to manage cache anymore.

Step 1

  • Select Security from tool bar.
  • Select Configure Security option.

Step 2

  • Select a node for the security configuration.

Step 3

  • Configuring node level security on remote nodes requires credentials for that node (user name, password). You will be prompted with a dialogue box asking admin name and password for that node. On successful verification you will be moved to the next page of the wizard.
  • Provide Administrative credentials for that node.
  • Press Ok to proceed further.

Step 4

  • You can enable/disable Node level security using the option Enable Security.
  • You can also Add/remove NCache admin/managers from the following wizard.
  • Press Finish to apply the settings.

User Level Security:

Administrators and NCache managers can configure user level security for a cache. Each cache will have its own user level security configurations independent of other caches and users. Cache user level security configurations will be saved in config.ncconf against each cache. NCache Manager provides a tab view for configuring user level security for all caches.

  • Select the Security tab.
  • You can enable/disable API security on cache using the option Enabled Security.
  • Using security tab you can also specify users who are authentic for the selected cache API as shown in the figure.

How to pass Security Credentials to API:

User can also pass security credentials to API from the application using the following code:

NCache.InitializeCache("cacheId", new Alachisoft.NCache.Web.Security.
SecurityParams("Username", "Password"),null);

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