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In-Memory Data Grid for Java

Scale your Java applications to extreme transaction processing (XTP) with JvCache by removing your database and data storage performance bottlenecks.

JvCache is an extremely fast and scalable distributed in-memory data grid for Java that caches application data and reduces expensive database trips. JvCache also provides distributed JSP Servlet Session persistence for web server farms. It can be used as a Hibernate Second Level Cache Provider and integrated with Java Spring.

JvCache Core Capabilities

  • Extremely fast & scalable
  • Dynamic cache cluster
  • Fast cache replication
  • Cache replication across WAN
  • Powerful administration tools

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In-Memory Data Grid Features

  • Synchronize Cache with DB
  • Groups, Tags, Named Tags
  • Fast SQL-like Queries (OQL)
  • Read-through, Write-through, & Write-behind
  • Runtime Data Sharing (pub/sub)
  • Fast & Compact Serialization

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100% Native Java Data Grid

  • 100% native Java (both client & server)
  • JSP Servlet Session persistence
  • Java Hibernate & Spring Integrations
  • Unix & Windows platforms
  • Java SE & Java EE (Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere)

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Java & .NET Interoperability

  • Full NCache and JvCache interoperability
  • Java & .NET runtime data sharing
  • .NET & Java portable binary level data format


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