Free .NET Distributed Cache

NCache Express Free .NET Distributed Cache

Remove performance bottlenecks and scale your .NET applications with NCache Express, an in-memory distributed cache. NCache Express lets you cache both static and transactional application data close to your application and reduce those expensive database trips. NCache Express is completely free. It includes following benefits:

  • Synchronizes cache across multiple servers
  • Dynamic clustering & cache configuration for 100% uptime
  • Cache reliability through data replication across servers
  • InProc/OutProc cache for multiple processes on the same machine
  • API identical to ASP.NET Cache

Distributed ASP.NET Session State Storage

Store your ASP.NET Session State in NCache Express instead of the storage options provided by Microsoft. NCache Express provides the following benefits:

  • Faster, more scalable than InProc, StateServer, SqlServer options
  • Session replication across servers means no session data loss
  • No code change required to use

NHibernate Second Level Cache Provider

Use NCache Express with your NHibernate applications as a Second Level Cache Provider. NCache Express provides the following benefits:

  • Use as a distributed cache in multi-server configurations
  • Use as an OutProc cache for multiple app processes on the same machine
  • No code change required to use

NCache Express Feature Limitations

NCache Express is a free but limited feature edition of NCache. If you use NCache Express, you always have the option of upgrading to NCache Enterprise in a seamless manner. Here are the limitations of NCache Express:

  • For 2 server environments only
  • Local clients only from within the cache cluster. No separate caching tier
  • Replicated Caching topology only (no Mirrored, Partitioned, Partition-Replica, or Client Cache)
  • 64-bit only. 4GB max cache size.
  • Use as-is. No tech support provided

View a more detailed edition comparison between NCache Express and NCache Enterprise.