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SPTechCon 2012

Live Webinars StorageEdge!

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SharePoint Technology Conference, Feb 26-29 (San Francisco, CA)

Alachisoft, maker of StorageEdge, a leading storage optimization software for Microsoft SharePoint is proud to announce its participation in the SharePoint Technology Conference 2012 (SPTechCon2012).

Alachisoft participation indicates the company's perpetual commitment to the SharePoint community, and also provides an opportunity to highlight its latest version of StorageEdge, (Release 3.4), with added features. Alachisoft will also take the opportunity to initiate and present tech talks and demonstrations of StorageEdge for SharePoint success in your platform and environment.

Alachisoft will have a dedicated booth (#403) nearer to the main entrance. Attendees will also get a chance to chat with Alachisoft SharePoint expert, Iqbal Khan and a chance to enter a lucky draw. We strongly look forward to seeing you, please find us or visit our website for more about the company and/or product.




On-Premises SharePoint with Data Storage in Cloud

Cloud storage is an important facility for cloud computing. If we exploit this with SharePoint, it can dramatically reduce the cost in terms of storage. However, when cloud is considered as a storage tier for SharePoint content, there can be some immediate concerns such as:

  • Security of the content
  • Data access performance
  • Backup & restore of data
  • Storage service uptime

How you can leverage the potentials of Cloud storage with SharePoint? StorageEdge offers a hybrid model in which the SharePoint lies on your premises with data in the Cloud.

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Impact of Job Throttling on SharePoint Performance

In a typical SharePoint environment, during the peak times, SharePoint infrastructure may act in an unnatural way i.e. archiving job from one tier of storage to another can easy affect the performance of SharePoint servers.

StorageEdge provides comprehensive SharePoint Job throttling features which can limit the amount of data transfer in a unit of time which ensures that SharePoint WFEs dedicate maximum resources to servicing the user requests.

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Structure your Externalized Blobs using Multi-tiered Storage

Data loses its value once it gets older, means not all data is same. When only 2 to 4% data is actually active, then why bear higher cost and sub-optimal utilization of investment into the storage structure? It's cost effective to simply offload BLOBs to an external storage (RBS).

Externalization of BLOBs does not suffice, thereby, physical storage of externalized BLOBs on an external storage is also important. An effective approach for the storage of externalized BLOBs is to structure the external storage as a hierarchy of multiple tiers in the form of a hierarchical storage management system (HSM).

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