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10 Must Have RBS Features for SharePoint

September 2012

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Thank You Australia!

Alachisoft has finally added Australia to its list of the visited continents. The visit was long due and finally TechEd Australia 2012 became the raison d'etre for us to achieve this milestone.

The tradeshow took place between September 11th and 14th in Gold Coast, Australia. Alachisoft exhibited at booth 54, which was right across Microsoft's showcase booth. We presented our SharePoint RBS product StorageEdge. It was exciting and amazing at the same time because of an unexpectedly overwhelming response by the audience.

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DevScope hails StorageEdge!

StorageEdge has dramatically reduced our SharePoint storage cost while improving its uptime.An overwhelming majority of the storage in its SharePoint SQL server database of 500GB consisted of BLOBs with a small percentage dedicated to record and table data used frequently and routinely by the customer's 3,500 real estate personnel. The time and resources devoted to managing all the backups and database maintenance and its operations were enormous.

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On-Premises SharePoint with Data Storage in Cloud

This article intends to examine the possible scenarios in which the potentials of cloud based storage can be exploited with SharePoint, concerns and benefits when leveraging a cloud storage platform in tandem with SharePoint infrastructure and how StorageEdge lets these possibilities turn into reality.

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Top 10 Must Have Features of BLOB Externalization

SE Blogs There is no denying that BLOB externalization offers you a panacea to your SQL Server related BLOB storage worries. However, if you decide to go down the path of BLOB externalization, your options are to either use Microsoft RBS Provider or go with one of third party RBS providers. It would be wise to know some important features in BLOB externalization that any RBS provider must have before you should commit to using it.

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