Open Source NoSQL Database for .NET

NosDB is a 100% native .NET Open Source NoSQL Database (released under the Apache 2.0 License). NosDB is extremely fast and linearly scalable and allows your .NET applications to handle extreme transaction loads (XTP).

NosDB also helps you accelerate your .NET development by providing a flexible JSON schema. With JSON, you can quickly adjust to your changing requirements and lower your time to market and your cost of ownership.

Market Leader for 10 Years in .NET App Scalability

NosDB is developed by Alachisoft [a LAˊ chi soft], the maker of NCache, a .NET distributed cache with 10 years of market leadership in .NET application scalability. NCache has hundreds of high end customers all over the world relying on it for their application scalability needs.

As a result, NosDB has 10 years of scalability and high availability experience built into it.


Get Started with NosDB NoSQL Database

Build a 2-shard cluster and create a Northwind database using Powershell scripts. Watch how various .NET sample programs use NosDB .NET API, LINQ, and ADO.NET for searching and manipulating data. NosDB also provides seamless integrations with Visual Studio and Microsoft Power BI.

Where Can You Use NosDB?

Use NosDB as an extremely fast and linearly scalable NoSQL database in the following environments and applications.

  • Personalization
  • Content Management
  • Catalogs
  • Data Logs
  • Real-Time Big Data
  • Internet of Things
  • Scalable Web Apps
  • Scalable Web Services


In-Memory Data Grid Architecture

Try It Out!

Download a fully-working copy of NosDB Enterprise. Contact us for a personalized demo or if you need help. Or, download NosDB Open Source and use it freely on an as-is basis.

Download NosDB Edition Comparison Personalized Demo