NosDB Integration with Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a famous analytics platform which can turn simple data into intelligent reports and rich visuals. With it you can transform, analyze and visualize raw data which helps you in taking the right decisions leading to your company's growth.

Now you can seamlessly integrate NosDB with PowerBI as a data source. With it you can generate actionable insights right from the database and drive your business forward.

All you need to do is enable the NosDB REST API and use it as a connecter. Provide NosDB URL link to PowerBI as an OData Feed and let PowerBI do the rest. For a complete tutorial please refer to the NosDB documentation.

Microsoft PowerBI Reporting

PowerBI actually ties together multiple modules together to help you fetch data from different data sources and then display them visually. One of those modules includes Power Query, which is responsible to fetch data from OData URL Feed. This module is also available as an add-on to MS Excel application therefore you can seamlessly fetch all the data from any of the NosDB database into your MS Excel workbooks.

To do so, download and install the Power Query plugin from the Microsoft website. After installation select Power Query tab and select OData Feed "From Other Sources". Here enter the same OData Feed URL that you provided to PowerBI and it will import all of NosDB data into Excel workbook for you to act on.

Microsoft Power Query plugin

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