Class DBDependencyFactory

  extended by com.alachisoft.jvcache.runtime.dependencies.DBDependencyFactory

public class DBDependencyFactory
extends java.lang.Object

Establishes a relationship between an item stored in an application's Cache object and either a specific database table. This class cannot be inherited. You can add items with dependencies to your application's cache with the Cache.Add and Insert methods. When you add an item to an application's "Cache" object with "DBCacheDependency", it monitors a specific database table so that when the table changes, items associated with the table will be automatically removed from the Cache. This helps you avoid losing changes made to the object between the time it is created and the time it is inserted into the Cache

See Also:
DBCacheDependency, Cache

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static DBCacheDependency CreateOleDbCacheDependency(java.lang.String connectionString, java.lang.String dbCacheKey)
          Creates a new instance of OleDbCacheDependency class,using the supplied parameters.
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Constructor Detail


public DBDependencyFactory()
Method Detail


public static DBCacheDependency CreateOleDbCacheDependency(java.lang.String connectionString,
                                                           java.lang.String dbCacheKey)
Creates a new instance of OleDbCacheDependency class,using the supplied parameters. You need to enable notification for both the table and the database containing the table before you can use this "DBCacheDependency" in your application.

connectionString - The connection string for establishing a connection with the database server where the database containing above mentioned table exists.
dbCacheKey - The primary key of the record. Many dependency objects can be created based on the same primary key. When the record with this primary key is modified in the database, the associated item(s) in the cache expire(s).
An SqlCacheDependency object based on the supplied parameters
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