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Configuring BLOB Store Database

StorageEdge EBS/RBS needs to store metadata about BLOBs like BLOB index, encryption and Storage Profiles. For this purpose you can use the BLOB Store Database Config tool to provide a database. You can use an existing database or create new database and the tool will create the necessary tables in it.
During the installation of StorageEdge, the BLOB Store Database config tool will automatically appear that you can use to configure the BLOB Store database. When the dialog box appears, select the Server name where SQL Server is installed and enter authentication details. Then select the database name where you wish StorageEdge to create tables to store BLOBs. Press the Test Connection button to make sure connection with database can be established. In the end press the Create Tables button to complete configuring the BLOB Store database.
If you did not configure the BLOB Store Database during the installation of StorageEdge, you can do it at a later time. To use the BLOB Store Database config tool, access it from Start -> All Programs -> StorageEdge -> Admin Tools.
You can also use the tool to migrate the BLOB Store database to a different Server. For complete procedure on migrating the EBS/RBS database using the BLOB Store DatabaseConfig.exe tool, read here.
Note: To configure BLOB Store Database, you are supposed to log on WFE machine with the credentials of SharePoint farm administrator.
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