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How to keep SharePoint file names and folder structure in external BLOB store

Here you can identify whether the BLOBs should be externalized in folders or not. It will help you to define the file name and the folder structure for your content. You are provided the facility to keep the data in a same file structure as it was on your local disk. This facility is provided to users at tier level. Here you are given a choice to select file and folder structure, choices are:
  • "Do not create folders" option will save the data in a flat structure, no folder hierarchy is defined.
  • "Use SharePoint folder names" will save data in a same hierarchy as it was on SharePoint.
  • "Auto generate folders" option will auto generate the folder/(s) with date time stamp. Here users need to specify the format for naming the folders which can be: daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. According to the specified format the files will be saved in the folders.
  • "Use SharePoint file names" option can be used with any of the above 3 options. It will keep the file name same as it was on SharePoint.
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