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Image Combining

Image combining is a technique of merging several images into a single image. A single combined image is known as Sprite which is embedded into a CSS file. The generated CSS Sprite will be assigned to the relevant page where it will be used to shift the visible area to the required component image. CSS file can contain multiple sprites for various groups of images on a web site. CSS sprites significantly increases the web sites speed by using single image files that contain multiple images. As a result, the client only downloads a single image for all the different images to be displayed on a web site.
Fig.1: CSS Sprites
"CSS sprites make possible to build a single file that contains all the images laid out in a web site, requiring only a single image and only a single server call." CSS sprites can be used in a variety of situations. A web site having multiple of pages can combine multiple single images in a significant way, developing a clearly separated portion of the master images. This technique can be very effective for improving performance of a web site, particularly in situations where many small images are used.
Before enabling Image combining on a web page, image will be like:
<img style="border-width: 0px;" alt="" src="/_layouts/images/titlegraphic.gif" id="ctl00_onetidHeadbnnr0">
After applying Image combining, the images will combined in sprite becomes a part of a CSS file, as shown in the code:
<img style="border-width: 0px;" alt="" src="/_layouts/images/blank.gif" id="ctl00_onetidHeadbnnr0" class="ncpGifsprite ncpGifpos2">
The following link will automatically be added in the web page after enabling Image combining. This CSS file contains the optimized Sprites for each set of images on a particular web page.
<link rel='stylesheet' href='NCPResource.axd?h=img:1065970872&m=' type='text/css' />
Note: Image Combining must be disabled before performing any SharePoint administrative task.
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