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Introduction to StorageEdge

StorageEdge provides an optimized solution for SharePoint in terms of Storage and Performance. It provides a better storage by externalizing BLOBs which dramatically reduces database size and the transaction load that eventually boosts up the performance. StorageEdge also provides the facility of caching BLOBs, lists, ASP.NET session state, and ViewState.
Here caching is managed by the NCache that is our another product. NCache provides clustered caching solution that makes the caching highly reliable and efficient. By the integration of NCache with StorageEdge, the SharePoint users will see performance increase by many folds, which will result in enhanced and faster productivity.
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Updates you with new features in the latest version of StorageEdge.  
Describes various features that StorageEdge provides.
Describes the list of installed features of StorageEdge.
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