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Manual StorageEdge Activation

Once you have launched StorageEdge License Manager, you can activate purchased copy of StorageEdge by following the steps given below:
  1. Run "Activate StorageEdge License" program and you'll see the following screen:
  2. Check 'Activate purchased copy of StorageEdge' then click Next. You'll see the following screen.
  3. Click Next button, you'll see the following screen. If your computer does not have Internet access (which is the case in many production servers behind the firewall), then select Email option and click Next button.
  4. You need to specify the purchased license key below to proceed.
  5. When you click Next button, you see the final screen for activating your license.
  6. The screen above shows you a long encrypted text. First of all, click on Copy button to copy this text to the clipboard.
  7. Then, you can paste this in an email and send that email to Alachisoft Support ( ). This is actually an Activation Request Code that you need to obtain an Activation Auth Code . Or, you can directly visit the following URL to obtain this yourself:
  8. Paste the Activate Request Code into the text box on this page and then press Verify button.
  9. You will see the "Activation Data Verification" page. On "Activation Data Verification" page, there is an Activate button at the bottom of the page. When you press this button, it will display a page with the Activate "Auth Code". Take the Activation Auth Code and copy it to your clipboard. Then, go back to Activate StorageEdge License program and select Manual activation option.
  10. You'll see the following page. Just paste the Activation Code here and press Finish button.
  11. StorageEdge will be activated on your machine and the following screen will be prompted.
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