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Migrating BLOB Store Database to a different Server

You can easily migrate your BLOB Store Database to a different Server. To do so, follow these steps:
  • Take a backup of following database tables in SQL Server:
  • StorageEdgeBLOB
  • StorageEdgeEncryptionProvider
  • StorageEdgeStorageProvider
  • Open the "Configure BLOB Store Database" tool from Start -> All Programs -> StorageEdge -> Admin Tools -> Configure BLOB Store Database.
  • Select the Server where SQL Server is installed.
  • Enter Authentication details for SQL Server.
  • Create a new database in SQL Server or select an existing database from the SQL Server.
  • Click on Test Connection to ensure connection with SQL Server is possible.
  • Click on Create Tables. New tables will be created with the same name as of current tables used by BLOB Store Database.
  • Replace the new tables with the current tables you took the backup of.
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