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Optimize SharePoint Storage & Performance

StorageEdge optimizes SharePoint storage by moving all docs/BLOBs out of the database with EBS/RBS and therefore reducing the database size to manageable levels. And, it lowers your storage cost by archiving SharePoint docs to cheaper storage. And, it significantly improves SharePoint performance by caching its BLOBs and lists.

BLOB Externalization (EBS / RBS)

  • File system, SAN, NAS, & Cloud
  • Filters on BLOB externalization
  • Scheduling & Throttling
  • Preserve file & folder structure
  • Gzip compression
  • 64bit and 128bit encryptions

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In-Memory Distributed Caching

  • Cache BLOBs & Lists
  • Cache ASP.NET sessions
  • Cache View State
  • Minify & Merge JavaScript

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Document Library Sharing

  • Link external doc libraries
  • No document copying needed
  • Share docs with non-SP users

Archiving to Multi-Tier Storage

  • Specify multiple storage tiers
  • Archive docs to cheaper tiers
  • Version & age based archiving

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