In-Memory Data Grid Open Source (JCache JSR 107)

Remove data storage and database performance bottlenecks and scale your mission-critical applications to handle extreme transaction loads with TayzGrid.

TayzGrid is an elastic In-Memory Data Grid with a peer to peer dynamic clustering architecture. TayzGrid is extremely fast and linearly scalable and provides intelligent replication for data reliability without compromising on scalability. Add servers to the In-Memory Data Grid cluster and grow transaction and storage capacity linearly.

TayzGrid is 100% JCache API (JSR 107) compliant. JCache API (JSR 107) is an industry standard which means you are not locked into a proprietary solution.

Developed from NCache - .NET Market Leader for 10 Years

TayzGrid was developed from NCache source into a native Java product in 2013. So, TazyGrid features are identical to NCache except in Java specific areas. NCache is a powerful In-Memory Data Grid for .NET and has been the market leader for the last 10 years. As a result, TayzGrid has all of NCache maturity built into it.

In-Memory Data Grid Comparisons

See how TayzGrid compares feature-by-feature with other In-Memory Data Grids (IMDGs).

TayzGrid Low Prices

Perpetual Licensing (Pay Only Once)

TayzGrid is the most feature-rich solution in the market. And yet it comes with very low prices. Also, perpetual licensing means you only pay once (unlike annual subscriptions). Annual maintenance and 24x7 support is optional, affordable, and offered separately.

You can buy TayzGrid permanently in less that what you'll pay for one year subscription elsewhere.

TayzGrid Use Cases

Some common use cases for TayzGrid in Java/.NET applications are shown below.

In-Memory Data Grid Architecture

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