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TayzGrid: Edition Comparison

Edition Comparison 
TayzGrid Features Express Professional Enterprise
Data Grid Topologies
Local Cache True True True
Replicated Cache 2-Node True True
Cache Size Limit 4GB Unlimited Unlimited
Client Cache   True True
Mirrored Cache     True
Partitioned Cache     True
Partition-Replica Cache (Async Replication)     True
Partition-Replica Cache (Sync Replication)     True
Dynamic Clustering
Local Clients (Java and .NET) True True True
Remote Clients (Java and .NET) Within Cluster True True
Add or Remove Cache Servers at Runtime True True True
Multiple Network Cards for Scalability   True True
Event Notifications on Cluster Changes     True
Thin Client for Grid Computing     True
Distributed Web Sessions Persistence
JSP Servlet Filter Based Plug-in True True True
Concurrent Session Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Multiple Geographical Sites Sharing Sessions     True
Third-Party Integration
Memcached Wrapper for TayzGrid     True
Hibernate Second Level Cache Provider True True
Spring Data Cache Integration True True True
TayzGrid for Microsoft Azure     True
TayzGrid for Amazon Web Services (AWS)     True
Data Expirations
Absolute Time Expirations True True True
Idle Time Expirations True True True
Cache Dependencies
File Based Dependency True True True
Key Based Dependency   True True
Multi-cache Key Dependency     True
Synchronize Cache with Database
OracleDependency (Oracle 10g R2 or later)     True
OLEDB Dependency (Polling based)     True
Event Notifications (DataGrid Wide)
For Selected Items (on Update/Remove)   True True
For any Add/Update/Remove/ClearCache     True
Custom Events (Client Initiated)     True
Continuous Query     True
Object Caching Features
Tags   True True
Named Tags     True
Cache Item Version   True True
Runtime Data Sharing between Java & .NET     True
Events with Data     True
Multiple Objects Version Support     True
Cache Loader     True
Lock and Unlock Cached Item   True True
Streaming API     True
Async Operations (Add, Insert, Remove)     True
Bulk Operations (Get, Add, Insert, Remove)     True
Multi Read-Through, Write-Through, Write-Behind     True
Object Query Language (OQL)     True
Data Groups     True
Dynamic Compact Serialization     True
Priority Eviction True True True
Least Recently Used (LRU) Eviction     True
Least Frequently Used (LFU) Eviction     True
Do Not Evict Option (for JSP Servlet Sessions)     True
TayzGrid Administration and Monitoring
SNMP based Data Grid Monitoring   True True
JMX based Data Grid Monitoring   True True
Command-line tools   True True
Remote Client/Client Cache Management   True True
Managing Data Grid Clients   True True
GUI based Remote Cluster Administration   True True
Graceful Node Stop   True True
TayzGrid Monitor (GUI Tool)
Remote Data Grid Monitoring     True
Multiple Cache Connections True True True
Cache Level Email Alert System     True
Auto Join Cluster Upon Reboot True True True
Multi-Network Card Support True True True
Security     True
Automatic Connection Rebalancing     True
Compression     True