SPTechCon 2012

  • San Francisco, Hilton, USA
  • February 26-29, 2012

Alachisoft was glad to be an exhibitor at the SharePoint Technology Conference in San Francisco at the Hilton in February. From the series of two in 2012, with second one in Boston later in July, this was the first, catering to the West Coast audience. Apart from Microsoft driven conference on SharePoint, this was also organized to mobilize the SharePoint community including enthusiasts, industry experts, thought leaders, business decision makers end users, as well as different independent software vendors ISVs not only to build business relations but shape the SP technologies.

Alachisoft participated in this conference for the first time and looks forward to exhibiting at more SP events throughout America and the Europe. The event gathered a crowd of more than 400 companies and people from all around Silicon valley area and neighboring states.

“We are glad that our launch of latest version, StorageEdge 3.4, has come around the execution of this show because it provided us an opportunity to highlight and promote our new set of features, as well as collection of feedback for future additions and modification in the upcoming versions.”

Sam Awan
Sales Lead StorageEdge

There were about a dozen new features added to previous version with most still not included in the competitor’s products to date. Storage Edge proudly demonstrated SE3.4 gathering large audiences, mostly interested in externalizing BLOBS, archiving, document management, Caching, and more. Looking at the profile of the audience, Alachisoft was able to successfully connect with about 300 IT folks from 214 companies from industries such as Financial Services, Health, Education, System Integrators, Government , and National Defense.

StorageEdge team also conducted a raffle draw towards the end of the exhibition with a prize of a Acer Net Book, which was won by Stacey Gear . We congratulate Stacey on her prize and thank her and all attendees for their time and visits to the StorageEdge booth.

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