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NCache Enterprise 5.3 SP3 (Free 30-Day Trial)

NCache Professional 5.3 SP3 (Free 30-Day Trial)


NCache Open Source 5.0 SP6 (free; use as is)

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Azure Marketplace (Free 30-Day Trial)

AWS Marketplace (Free 30-Day Trial)

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NCache Enterprise

NCache Enterprise

NCache Professional

NCache can be deployed and managed through Command Line Tools (CLI). On Windows, this is provided through PowerShell Cmdlets, and on Linux this is NCache CLI.

NCache PowerShell Modules

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    • NCache Open Source Scripts
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All Cache Servers work with .NET, Java, Python, and Node.js Clients. OSS Edition works only with .NET clients.

Note: NCache Open Source is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0
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