Real-Time Stream Processing with NCache

Real-time stream processing applications in .NET / .NET Core quickly process huge amounts of incoming data from various sources before it is stored in the database to allow businesses to make quick decisions about it. This is different from batch processing or even Big Data processing where the entire dataset is already stored in the database.

Real-time stream processing is used for a variety of business applications including:

  • E-Commerce
  • Risk Management
  • Fraud Detection
  • Monitoring Networks or Fast Changing Environments
  • Log Analysis
  • Real-time Price Analysis and Adjustments
  • More…

Real-time stream processing applications in .NET / .NET Core need a .NET based platform that enables them to achieve these goals. And, NCache is ideal for such use cases. NCache is an extremely fast and scalable In-Memory Distributed Cache for .NET / .NET Core.

How .NET Stream Processing Apps Use NCache?

NCache provides the following sets of features that really help Microservices developed in .NET / .NET Core.

  1. .NET Pub/Sub Messaging: Stream processing apps are usually divided up into multiple applications where each is responsible for a different stage of stream processing. And, they need to communicate with each other in order to collaborate. They can do this the Pub/Sub Messaging features available in NCache.
  2. .NET Continuous Queries (CQ) & Data Events: Stream processing applications need to monitor a “Window of time” for specific types of data additions and changes. They can use Continuous Queries (CQ) for this very effectively. Additionally, they use other data related events provided by NCache.
  3. Distributed Cache: Like all other server applications, stream processing applications also need to provide scalability and handle larger number of transactions. NCache being a powerful In-Memory Distributed Cache allows them to do that
  4. SQL-Searching & GroupingStream Processing applications are handling large amounts of data that they put in NCache and later need to fetch. This is where SQL Searching or grouping make it very easy to find relevant data quickly.

Why Use NCache in .NET Stream Processing Apps?

If your Stream Processing applications are developed in .NET / .NET Core and are high transaction, then you need to use NCache. This is because NCache is the most powerful .NET Distributed Cache available that provides you the following benefits:

  1. 100% .NET / .NET Core Cache: NCache is the only truly native .NET Distributed Cache available in the market. All others are developed in C++ on Linux and later ported to Windows with limited compatibility to .NET. NCache fits nicely into your .NET / .NET Core application stack and simplifies your cost of development and maintenance.
  2. Extremely Fast & Scalable: NCache is extremely fast for being an in-memory distributed cache. And, it also provides linear scalability due to which it never becomes a bottleneck for your .NET / .NET Core Stream Processing application performance even under peak loads.
  3. High Availability: NCache provides a self-healing peer to peer clustering architecture that has no single point of failure. Additionally, NCache intelligently replicates cached data so there is no data loss in case a cache server goes down and at the same time minimum cost of replication.

What to Do Next?

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