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Rising costs and changing patient privacy regulations are exerting competitive pressure on companies in the healthcare industry. Traditional systems and relational databases are poorly equipped to handle scalability and performance needs of always growing data lakes in the healthcare industry. Healthcare industry companies are using NCache to reduce costs and meet HIPAA compliance without spending more to bring their data storage to in-memory with scale, cost efficiency and flexibility.

You can use NCache to deliver healthcare solutions that work anywhere, all the time with in-memory distributed datastore. NCache is in use by healthcare providers, insurers, pharmacies, and medical technology companies to keep up with the staggering pace of requirements.

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Use cases for NCache in the healthcare industry include:

Health Activity and Health Devices Logging

NCache can enable apps to linearly scale and perform many folds better than traditional disk-based databases. You can manage and perform edge analytics on data collected from different sources and devices. NCache can help you to perform real-time diagnosis by storing and serving health device data in-memory. Health solutions running on NCache are always available, all the time. Implantable devices store its users' health device logs in-memory using NCache to provide run-time analytics and diagnosis on the go.

Fast Retrieval of Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Patient statistics and reference clinical data demographics are read-intensive. It is wise decision to cache all reference data entirely in in-memory distributed cache like NCache for fast retrieval. Caches were originally considered good for reference data only. But distributed caches have proven to be faster and more scalable than databases even for transactional data. NCache supports multiple topologies (Mirrored Cache, Replicated Cache, Partitioned Cache, and Partitioned Replica Cache) for handling transactional data on a scale.

Lab data handling and analysis are also possible using NCache. NCache can help you combine wellness and health-care data to manage population health data on large scale and have three sixty degrees’ patient view.

HIPAA Compliance & Medical Regulations

Patient privacy and data protection are important requirements of any healthcare industry company. NCache provides powerful security and encryption features that help ensure that your data is protected from unauthorized access and your sensitive application data is secured both in the cache store and also during the transmission over the network between your application and the cache servers. And, you can do all of this without any code changes and meet medical regulations like HIPAA compliance and HL7.

Drug Discovery, Modeling and Simulation

Scale your drug discovery, modeling and simulation needs by processing your data in-memory using NCache. NCache, in-memory distributed cache can handle large number of statistical calculations data and read/write data at much higher speed as compared to disk based storage. NCache is equally good for transactional load and delivers predictable scaling and reliable performance.

Disaster Recovery and 100% Uptime

Power-up mission-critical applications that meet strict SLAs and are privacy compliant at same time without increasing total cost of ownership. Maximize price performance and scale using existing commodity hardware using NCache. Distributed caches can be very important part of your disaster recovery plan. NCache provides you WAN replication through the Bridge feature. NCache also has self-healing 100% uptime dynamic cache clustering capabilities. NCache provides full failover support, you can add/remove servers at runtime within cluster and clients without any data loss or application downtime.

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