Media Industry Use Case

Media software and solutions must be designed for load balancing and concurrent users in mind. Scaling needs grow very quickly and high availability becomes a challenge over time as well. Our media customers are leveraging NCache to load balance and scale considerably. High quality user experience and quick content delivery at peak hours is key challenge for leading media outlets.

Distributed caching replication across clusters makes NCache a good fit for load balancing and multi-region sessions management. Your users are online pretty much 24/7. NCache brings critical reliability and performance, improving user experience by many folds. Expanding the application server farm to meet growing business needs becomes because you can plug-in/out machines at runtime without bringing the cluster down.

Versatile features of NCache are being used by Media Industry for following use cases:

  • Personalized Content/Targeting
  • Track Social Conversations
  • High Speed Transactions (Polling/Voting)
  • Real time Analytics
  • Content Caching
  • Performance Optimization of Content Management System
  • Multi-Region Session Storage for Enhanced UX
  • Load Balancing and Data Center Replication

What to Do Next?

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