Case Studies

Customers love NCache. Learn why they use it as a key ingredient of their application stack.

Automobile Case Study

Top 5 Auto Maker

We focused on NCache because we like the way it improves application performance and how it meets all our caching needs.

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Telenor Denmark


We maintain 100% uptime. That’s the most important NCache benefit. Plus, the associated NCache speed, stability, and reliability...

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Dental Plans

Dental Plans

NCache is effectively processing our sessions. That gives us considerable confidence in our ability to scale...

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Case Study Grocery Outlet

DOB Systems

By installing NCache, we achieved the stability and reliability that MIDAS demanded. And, these improvements translated...

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Case Study Grocery Outlet

Grocery Outlet

Our intranet search was very slow, actually not doable with ASP.NET's InProc. With NCache, our search got us results in about 0.2 seconds.

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Case Study Cybercom Group

Cybercom Group

NCache provides the ultimate solution for our client's scalability, session storage, and high availability.

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Case Study Digital Spark

Digital Spark

NCache is everything we need, flexible, scalable, easy to configure, it is excellent! It is everything we expected of it.

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Case Study Liebherr


NCache is really great! Performance from write and read to NCache is excellent, plus it's easy to use and ideally suited for our needs.

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Case Study CampMinder


NCache enables us to achieve the desired level of fault tolerance in our caching mechanism, along with other benefits.

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Case Study Virgin HealthMiles

Virgin HealthMiles

NCache allowed us to reduce the load on our database servers and prevent them from becoming a scalability bottleneck.

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Case Study Maze Feedback

Maze Feedback

With NCache, we are able give our customers an outstanding experience. NCache's OutProc service helps us increase our page performance.

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Case Study Moon Pig

Moon Pig

NCache helped us stop worrying about the ASP.Net sessions. Loading sessions from NCache happens without any discernable delays.

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Case Study RyanAir


NCache proved vital solution for our session handling and storage. We operate three sites, overflow traffic from one to another, and still maintain the same .NET sessions.

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Case Study Navi Net

Navi Net

NCache provides extraordinary scalability for our applications, while adding reliability through intelligent replication of our application and user session data.

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Case Study Apex Learning

Apex Learning

Single StateServer didn’t give us the scalability we needed. NCache allowed us to be exactly load balanced which considerably helps us scale reliably.

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Case Study Risco Group

Risco Group

NCache is a critical component for preventing system performance degradation. In our case, it is a core component of our system.

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